Titleist Velocity 5A White

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Product Info

Titleist has created the Velocity golf ball to provide golfers with longer distances. It features the fastest solid core design of any Titleist ball, resulting in an explosive and unparalleled distance. The Velocity ball has a unique dimple design that delivers a consistent ball flight with high surface coverage. It also maintains a good feel around the green, making it the perfect all-around ball for any golfer.

The Titleist Velocity golf ball has been refined with a softer core and the fastest cover blend to produce extremely low spin and even more distance. It ensures high flight on every shot, enhancing distance and helping the ball stop on the green. You can choose from White, Visi-White, Orange, and Pink colors.

These golf balls are suitable for golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds who want to hit longer distances with low spin and high flight.

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