Titleist Pro V1 Model 2020 5A

Titleist Pro V1 Model 2020 5A

The advanced aerodynamics of Pro V1 and Pro V1x deliver a more consistent trajectory, thanks to the improved dimple placement and design on both models. Titleist Pro V1 Model 2020  5A During the production process, tens of thousands of mold cavities are used to form the Urethane Elastomer cover and dimple pattern on each ball. In order to ensure ball-to-ball consistency, it is vital that every mold cavity produces the same outcome. Therefore, the Operations team manufactures both the cavities and the tooling used to make the cavities (called hobs) in-house. The team has also invested in new equipment to create the master hobs for even tighter tolerances. Titleist Pro V1 Model 2020  5A

The combination of these advancements in both dimple design and hob production results in new Pro V1 and Pro V1x models that provide a more aerodynamically consistent flight. These balls offer a softer feel, mid-flight, low long game spin, less iron spin, and high short game spin. They deliver longer distance, a penetrating trajectory, more consistent flight, very soft feel, and Drop-and-Stop™ Greenside Control.

The Titleist Pro V1 is perfect for golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds who want short-game control. Titleist Pro V1 Model 2020  5A

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