Callaway Superfast Matte Red

Prices are per dozen unless otherwise noted.


Product Info

Golfers can now experience the top-tier performance of Callaway's renowned Super Fast line at a reduced cost, thanks to used Callaway Super Fast golf balls. These balls have been previously played, but are carefully inspected and graded to ensure they meet quality standards. With a focus on delivering exceptional distance, control, and feel, these used golf balls provide an affordable option for golfers who want to enjoy the benefits of high-end performance without the price tag of brand-new balls.


Key Features:

- Soft Feel: The Callaway Super Fast balls are known for their exceptionally soft feel off the clubface. This provides golfers with a comfortable and responsive sensation during every shot.

- Distance and Control: These used golf balls maintain the impressive performance characteristics of the Super Fast line, offering a balance between long drives and precise shot-making. They have been designed to provide optimal distance and control.

- Durable Cover: Despite being used, these golf balls boast a durable cover that helps maintain their integrity round after round. This ensures consistent performance and longevity.

- Advanced Core Technology: The used Super Fast golf balls have an advanced core that enhances ball speed and promotes low spin for longer distances. This delivers a winning combination of power and accuracy on the course.

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